IT Factor & Venturis Consulting Group

Venturis Consulting Group and IT Factor Consulting enter collaboration

Venturis Consulting Group (Venturis), the international strategy & management consulting firm for the legal sector, and IT Factor Consulting (IT Factor), an IT consulting & execution boutique for law firms, have decided to strengthen their co-operation. IT Factor will join the Venturis organisation as a collaborating firm, with Venturis acquiring a stake in IT Factor.

Venturis and IT Factor combine highly complementary capabilities and skills. It is an important enhancement of Venturis’ tech and data driven consulting offering, and offers IT Factor the opportunity to expand its client portfolio – currently consisting mainly of Dutch law firms – into the other European jurisdictions.

Remco Visser, co-founder of IT Factor, says: ‘’We’ve been working with Venturis over the past twelve months on several high-impact and strategic projects across Europe. Our data analysis capabilities and dashboards proved to be instrumental to a successful adoption of strategic initiatives.”

Tjeu Cox, co-founder of IT Factor, adds: “We work with a range of practice management and financial systems, so virtually for any law firm, we can design tailor-made, intuitive and visually attractive dashboards that enhance data-driven decision-making.”

Martijn Lesterhuis, partner at Venturis: “Together with IT Factor, we create actionable insights for law firms, ranging from strategy to managing daily practice. Firms that act on these insights improve performance and drive change in their organisation much faster. I am looking forward to our intensified collaboration!”

Jointly, the two firms will provide IT implementation services and solutions to mature law firms throughout Europe. Together with Venturis’ experts focusing on legal operations management and legal tech, IT Factor is well-placed to provide a range of (legal) IT services to support project management and IT execution to law firms.

About IT Factor Consulting:

IT Factor is an Amsterdam-based start-up that both consults and executes IT initiatives at law firms. IT Factor’s main activity initially consisted of advising clients on legal tech applications, it has recently shifted its focus more towards developing data strategies and getting the most out of the Microsoft 365-environment. The transition to the Cloud is well underway in the legal sector and IT Factor Consulting supports law firms through a wide range of solutions enabling them to become future proof.

IT Factor Consulting’s mission is to establish Operational Excellence as the new standard in the legal profession. For lawyers, Operational Excellence means finding ways to use fewer resources (time and money) to meet clients’ needs while also improving the quality of their work. This doesn’t mean that a firm should acquire all legal technologies available in the market. IT Factor Consulting is convinced law firms should focus on initiatives that bring about the biggest results. It believes those initiatives are currently found in the area of data analytics.

The transition of most systems to SaaS-applications has resulted in data analytics becoming much more feasible and attractive. With modern software solutions and cloud computing capabilities, data-driven decision-making achieved by using intuitive dashboards is crucial in giving law firms an edge over the competition.

About Venturis Consulting Group:

Venturis Consulting Group is an international strategy and management consulting firm for the legal sector with offices in Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Stockholm and Zürich. Venturis has a strategic alliance with Kerma Partners Latin America with offices in Mexico City and Miami, and with Warwick Place Legal in New York.

Venturis Consulting Group helps law firms to increase their competitiveness and acts as a trusted advisor in the design, facilitation and execution of complex strategic and organizational initiatives facing the legal industry. We assist the management of sophisticated law firms worldwide to respond to changing markets and competitive dynamics, establish powerful market positions and achieve superior performance. Our advice and research-based insights have been tested and shaped through many years of experience in driving strategic and high impact ‘bet the firm’ change and transformation processes. We have been servicing international business law firms and some of the most prominent independent law firms across Europe for more than 20 years.